Andrew T Grigg

A Ph.D. student currently studying at the University of Warwick.

Currently working hard at the University of Warwick on a Ph.D. A little X-ray diffraction, a little NMR, an occasional amount of neutron diffraction, and just a pinch of Raman spectroscopy. All in all an enjoyable experience, in which I get to use some very cool equipment on a surprisingly frequent basis. All to investigate interesting sublties in what seem like plain old ceramics.

When I am not discovering new and exciting things in the world of materials science, I will probably be tinkering with something. Be it my turntable, my computer (the hardware or software), my bike, or something else entirely.

And if I am not doing any of that, I will probably be riding said bike, or listening to music playing on my turntable enjoying a nice glass of single malt whisky. Maybe a Balvenie, or Highland Park...

Andy Grigg

University of Warwick
Department of Physics
Gibbet Hill Road
Email: andy[at]andygrigg[dot]com
Download my CV here.